“Hello, Players!” 06 June 2015

Beijing Duodian Online Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a tech startup from China dedicated to developing the best Android emulator in the world, bring the fun of mobile game playing to desktop, and establish a new mobile applications distribution channel.


Our Product and Services:

Nox App Player: The best Android emulator leading in technology and performance. A free tool for users to enjoy the numerous Android games and apps from their desktop with ease. Click here to learn more and download.

Tailor-made Nox App Player for Game Developers: Progaming Nox App Player to meet the specific need of game developers. Re-design the software UI to create a specific game-oriented or brand-oriented Android emulator for game developres. Help convert android mobile games and applcations to windows-system compatible software that could run on PC.

Nox tech blog: Providing information on computer technology and programming

Game Center: Providing game search and recommendation service through cloud computing basing on the user base of Nox App Player. Help game developers expand their reach from mobile to PC.


Contact us:

Beijing Duodian Online Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel: +86 (10) 8282 6108

E-mail: support@bignox.com