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업데이트 날짜 :  2021-11-07        현재 버전 :  3.0.4
It is an application that is intended to make it easy to understand with simple operations.
There ’s no such thing as a sudden full-page ad.
How about using it for a little Twitter follow / follower management?

Twitter will not allow users to exceed the number of authorized accounts. So you cannot register for now.
Please note that we cannot help with this issue.
If users unconnected accounts users could connect others, but you cannot register until it’s unconnected.
※ Users can add additional accounts with the Pro or Light Version. Please try these versions.

■The differences between Pro, Light and Free.
・Banner Ads(Free: Yes, Light: Yes, Pro: No)
・Account registration limit(Free: up to 2, Light: up to 4, Pro: up to 6)
(The data on Free/Light/Pro version cannot transfer to each version.)

•Finding out the number of users that don’t follow you.
•Finding out the number of users that you don’t follow back.
•Unfollow users that don’t follow you.
•Follow users that you don’t follow back.
•Finding out the number of most recent unfollowers that you unfollowed
•Finding out the number of most recent unfollowers that unfollowed you
•Finding out the number of most recent unfollowers that you followed
•Finding out the number of most recent unfollowers that followed you
•Know your history
•Sorting into oldest, newest, and who don’t tweet.
•Follow/Unfollow/UnBlock/Unmute anyone quickly with a single touch.
•Support for multiple accounts.


・ This app cannot be used basically if the follower / follower exceeds 75,000 due to Twitter API restrictions.
•Potentially to keep you waiting for 15 mins due to API usage on Twitter.
•Potentially the actual number varies a little according to reruns from API on Twitter.
・It turns out that the Follow API can only be called 1000 times per 24 hours at the app level. If you get an error and can't follow, please tap the profile icon to go to the user page and follow.
∙ If you charge for Twitter, the restriction will be lifted (relaxed), but since we are developing as an individual, there are no plans to charge in the future. I'm sorry.

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