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업데이트 날짜 :  2022-05-19        현재 버전 :  2.5.32
Have you thought about how convenient your life could be with this home automation APP?
Comparing with those remote controls we had back in the day, Chow can do a lot more. It is not only an accessory for opening and closing doors but also a very thoughtful assistant helping you to manage your home doors anytime, anywhere. With Chow in hand, no more worries when you are miles and miles away.

Different from a remote control, Chow allows you to…
- Control home doors with mobile data or Wi-Fi wherever you go.
- Manage multiple devices on this single App.
- Get a phone notification in no time when any modification happens to your door opener.
- Complete programming without disassemble the opener.

Features that put a smile on everyone’s face:
- Intuitive operation for home automation beginners: Chow is designed based on a real remote control is absolutely easy to use.
- Easier Setup for installers: Instead of disassemble equipment, you can setup by phone and make your work much more efficient.
- Setting changing alerts for travel lovers:Chow will remind you if settings have been changed so you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized operation when you are on vacation anymore.
- Open/Closed notifications for hard working dads: This is necessary if you always have to work late. It allows you to make sure family get home safely and gives you peace of mind.
- Opening or closing door with a tap for super moms: It is so much easier and faster to open the door on your phone when kids come home while you are cooking dinner.

Three steps to get started:
1. Make an appointment with our installer.
2. Download Chow for free!
3. Connect device.

Chow! Create full house of wonderfulness.
Contact us: [email protected]

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