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업데이트 날짜 :  2022-12-14        현재 버전 :  Varies with device
Make passive income from your devices today!

Our computers and phones are always connected to the internet these days, so why not make them work for us? By simply installing Cash Raven to your Android device, you can share your internet connection and earn easy money by doing nothing!

Current features:

- Earn $1 for every 10GB of data you share with our network of enterprise customers

- Get paid after earnings have reached $10

- No signup or starting fees

- Start earning money within seconds of installing

- Easy opt-in/opt-out process

Upcoming features:

- Control which domains our customers can connect to on your device - giving you complete control!

- Control how many connections per hour can be used on a single website, protecting you from unwanted excessive use

- Full visibility into what websites were connected to on your device via our dashboard

- Configure a limit on how much bandwidth can be consumed in a given day on your device

- Allow your mobile data to be sold to earn even more money (extra earnings for mobile traffic!)

How does it work?

When you download Cash Raven and opt into our network, you can get paid for sharing your WiFi internet with our network of enterprise users. The enterprise users on our network will ONLY use your resources for pre-approved, thoroughly vetted business use cases like web data scraping and analysis. Payouts are made after you have reached $10 in earnings.

Our customers only use your connection when your device is:

- connected to WiFi (not using mobile data), and

- idle (screen is off), and

- plugged in, or charged to at least 50% battery level.

The more data you share, the more money you can earn! Want to substantially increase your earnings? Install Cash Raven on multiple devices in multiple locations to maximize the amount of data you can share.

What is my internet and IP address being used for?

The enterprise customers who use your IP address and internet connection are ONLY allowed to use them for scraping web data from a select group of popular websites.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this process. We are here to help!

Is it safe?

Of course! Here are the measures we take in ensuring a safe and healthy network:

- We thoroughly vet all of our business customers to ensure their use cases fit our standards of ethics

- We do NOT track your GPS or store any of your private information. The enterprise customers on our network only need your IP address and bandwidth for their business purposes.

- Since our customers only use your connection when your device is connected to WiFi, idle, and plugged in (or charged to at least 50% battery level), you never have to worry about interruptions when using your device.

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