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업데이트 날짜 :  2021-07-16        현재 버전 :  2.2
This deer hunter 3d game will be the most exotic shooting game and you have ever seen on your mobile phone. After playing this deer hunting simulation game you will become a real hunter. The 2022 hunting season is in full swing! Dust off your gun, travel to hunting locations, and observe animals in their natural habitat. Ready to hunt? Let’s play Deer hunter 3d an advanced hunting simulator & shooting game!

In this deer hunter game, you need anywhere you're used to shooting, wilderness, plains, snowfields, and other places you can't imagine.

Aim and shoot at the Right Time:

A deer hunter needs to have patience and precision to maintain their target on a wild deer, which has strong senses and is always on its toes. The scenario in this deer hunting game presents wild deer out in the forest. A slight misplacement of the aim can not only cause you to miss the target but also alert the animal and cause it to run away. So be careful!

Adventure Hunting simulator:

Deer Hunting 3D – Sniper Shooting provides a setup in which you are given the opportunity to aim and hunt as many animals as you can besides the deer too. There are various situations you will find yourself in which will not only consist of opportunities to become a hunting master but also place hurdles in your path.

Become a Pro Hunting Master:

A deer shooter has sharp eyesight which enables him to target wild animals with the sniper attached to the weapon. Besides the aiming and shooting skills, a deer hunter should also be capable of predicting the actions of the deer. By using your skills you will always be one step ahead of the game. You will only be able to move on to the next level if you have achieved the target. The more animals you kill the higher will be the score you achieve and you might also end up earning awards or other gifts.

Realistic hunting locations::
Multiple environments have been designed to give you an actual feel of a horrifying jungle to snowy mountains in this deer hunter game. Under these extreme conditions, Deer hunting will become tactical. You have to aim precisely. One bad shot and the deer will vanish right in front of your eyes. Because deer have amazing senses.
Deer Hunting simulator is not only about being a good sniper. To become a master of gun games and sniper games you have to pay attention to your surroundings. Otherwise, you may not have a chance to shoot with your gun at all! Travel across Australia, Burma, Norway, Poland, and many more! Not all sniper games or hunting games can encourage hunters with such a variety of amazing hunting places. So grab your guns and prepare for a great sniper games adventure!
Once you play this game you will be addicted. In this deer simulator game, you have a scary jungle is here in this game in which deer and other wild animals are wondering, you have to find them and hunt them.
A variety of firearms
Different fantastic guns are available for you which have long shooting ranges in this deer hunter game you have to select any gun according to your own choice and perform deer hunting. It is too much adventurous, thrilling and risky game.

❖ Various animal types and Animal Illustrations
❖ This deer hunting game is more convenient for your hunting with five different rifles
❖ Different scenes and seasons are available in deer hunting game
❖ Unique animal design, it will decide whether to run away or attack you when disturbed by you.
❖ High-quality graphics in deer hunter offline game
❖ The marvelous 3D environment in deer hunter game
❖ Realistic animated deers to hunt in deer hunter game
❖ Realistic sound effects are available in deer hunter offline.
❖ Full 3D - 360 Degrees Action in deer hunter game

This simulator lets you improve your aiming and shooting skills like a pro! This is a real test of your
sniper deer shooting skills. You have to be very precise! Take it as a challenge and try to clear all levels.

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