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업데이트 날짜 :  2022-08-19        현재 버전 :  1.2.0
4G Mode | Ping Master is a connection tool app that you must have, with attractive features and appearance.
Elegant UI with a flat slide style menu that you can customize into a minimalist style or a wide style.
and interesting features below that are very useful for you:

Display active connection in main menu that displays data in the form of:
-Realtime internet speed e.g upload, download and total speed
-Name of the current connection
-Connection type
-LTE signal strength
-LTE signal quality
and also you can see it in dbm data RSRP, RSRQ, and PCI

#Custom DNS servers
Enable custom DNS servers for a better internet experience.
There are many DNS servers that you can choose from in the settings menu, then activate it in the main menu.
* Server latency may vary depending on the country you are in.
* Custom DNS is more effective for browsing and gaming, there are some servers that are not optimized for downloads, please turn off the custom DNS service if your download is having problems.

# Detail
Displays current connection details information such as ip address, apn, netmask etc.

#Burst Pinger
Send Asynchronous ICMP packet to an address with a delay (in milliseconds) to find out how long the data is passing through the internet to the destination address, and back to you.
a faster ping means a more responsive connection.
Burst pinger perform up to 50 asynchronous ICMP packet in one round.
You can choose host target from presets or enter your own target hostname which will later be saved in your history and make it easier for you to target that host in the future.

#Speed Test
Test how fast your internet connection is, with Speed Tester built in 4G modes | ping master
Performing smart selection Host to determine the host server location closest to your location, making the speed tester more accurate in doing calculations.

#LTE Switcher
Lock single network to android system. 4G Mode | Ping Master app will redirect to android advanced system radio settings to lock your 4G / LTE or 3G / WCDMA signal.
Your device will run only in single signal even signal in your area is poor without automatic switching.
Suitable for gamers who rely on LTE signals without worrying about the network automatic switching when playing games which make your game lag.
If you have any issue in GSM service after applying 'Switcher' settings please switch ON/OFF airplane mode to reset connection and disable changed setting to default.
LTE Switcher not recommended and maybe not work for Samsung and Huawei devices

Thank you for those who are always loyal to use 4G Mode | Ping Master and give a positive rating to 4G Mode | Ping Master.
Thank you very much you are our encouragement :).

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