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업데이트 날짜 :  2021-12-25        현재 버전 :  1.0.8

Charge meter | The battery meter temporarily only supports Android chipsets from Qualcom.

The reference material for development is Xiaomi with miui 11.
This app does not guarantee that it can run on your android. but if you still want to try, go ahead :)

Charge Meter | Battery Meter measures the charging and discharging current of your android smartphone

Know how much current is received when you charging your device, or how much current is used when you use your device.

When the device is connected to the charger, you can also find out the power received by your device in watts.

All calculations run in realtime. for the current calculated in milliampere (mA) units and for power it is calculated in watts (Watts).

This app uses 2 measurement interfaces, the first time the app is running the interface is from the Android BMS broadcast. but if the result is always 0 or stuck in 'MEASUREMENT', you can switch to the Sysfile data measurement interface from the kernel which you can activate in the settings. (Charge meter need 5 second to analize data when you switch to sysfile measurement).

Or if you have switched to sysfile in the settings and the result is still 0, this app means it doesn't support for your device. I'm really sorry.

If you see the data displayed in this app does not match with your charger specifications, for example, a charger with 18 watt specifications, and it turns out that the data that appears never reaches that value, need to remember that the specifications listed on the charger are the maximum output of charger and the data displayed in this app is the input battery and there are various factors that affect the speed of charging your battery including.

- Temperature
Battery management in your Android will reduce the current or power intake if the battery temperature reaches a certain temperature point with the aim of keeping your battery is not overheated.

- Percentage of battery
Battery management in your Android will reduce the current or power intake if your battery percentage is above 90% with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of charging.

- Resistance (units of ohms)
such as type of material, length cable data.

Thank you .

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