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업데이트 날짜 :  2022-12-22        현재 버전 :  5.6.1
Meet Kris+, your lifestyle rewards app that lets you enjoy exclusive deals and privileges every day at over 1,000 dining and retail partner outlets in Singapore. Enjoy up to 6% rebates and get the BEST miles rate in town of up to 9 miles per SGD spent, by simply making payments through the app as you shop and dine!

With Kris+, everything adds up:

- Privileges with minimum of 10% off, 1-for-1 deals and complimentary treats.
- Exclusive birthday privileges during your birthday month.
- Earn rebates in miles for every payment made through the app, with no minimum spend or cap in the maximum number of miles you can get. As good as cashback!
- Your spend on Kris+ lets you earn both rewards from Kris+ and your credit card, easily doubling your rewards!
- Convert reward points from your Citibank, CapitaStar, DBS or UOB account to miles.
- Redeem your earned miles to offset your future purchases or transfer them to your KrisFlyer account to accumulate for your next Singapore Airlines flight.

- In Singapore, there are 300+ partnering brands and over 1,000 outlets across dining, retail, wellness, leisure activities and services categories.
- Local partners include – award winning restaurants like Braci, Amò, atout and Alma by Juan Amador; casual dining restaurants like Aburi-EN, Enjoy Eating House, Mrs Pho, The Coffee Academics and Nuodle; cafes and bistros like Paris Baguette, Gong Cha, Cedele, Mellower Coffee and 25 Degrees Burger; retail brands like Harvey Norman, Challenger, Simmons, In Good Company, PUMA, Bottles&Bottles and FairPrice Finest; services like Esso, Shunji Matsuo and PHS HAIRSCIENCE; attractions like Holey Moley Golf Club, Ola Beach Club and iFly; wellness salons like House of Traditional Javanese Massage LifeSpa, The Thai Spa and Kenko Wellness.
- Use Kris+ and enjoy privileges at countries with partnering merchants, including South Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and more.

- Monthly flash deals for vouchers and promo codes.
- Complete in-app challenges and get rewarded instantly.
- Frequent bonus miles and miles-back promotions.
- Transfer miles to and from your KrisFlyer account to your Kris+ app.
- Discover partner outlets nearby where you can use Kris+.
- Shop directly on KrisShop and earn miles for every transaction made.
- Personalised push notification and recommendations.
- Retrieve your Singapore Airlines pass within 24 hours. before arriving in Singapore, or during your stay in Singapore.

- Set up Apple Pay on your mobile phone with your desired debit / credit card; Kris+ will automatically detect this as a payment option
- Simply scan the QR code at our partner outlets with your Kris+ app and proceed with payment using Kris+.

- Earn SGD 5 worth of miles for both you and your friend for every successful Kris+ referral.

For more information, visit

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