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업데이트 날짜 :  2022-11-27        현재 버전 :  0.7.38
What's the one spell every witch, wizard or witcher must master? The spell to summon a dragon? The one to mix a healing potion? A fairy charm, perhaps? None of the above, actually: it's the merge spell!

Take a magic trip to a fantasy village in dire need of a wizard with legendary crafting and merge skills!

Use magic and alchemy to create all sorts of whimsical and mysterious items and fulfill the requests of a colorful cast of fantasy townsfolk. Merge magic metals to ward a monster dragon, help an elf with legendary materials to forge a beastkilling bow, or just helping out the local tavern: you never know what kind of quest your unique merge spell mastery will net you!


Combine many kinds of magic items to create new and mysterious objects and help the inhabitants of a fantasy village! Drag magical objects together to forge them into better materials and mix items in your own alchemy cauldron to achieve incredible and sometimes surprising results!


Become the newest inhabitant of a colorful fantasy town and get to know the whimsical locals! Tavern owners, an elf warrior princess, fairy sprites of the woods, a powerful witch who makes a mean love potion or even a witcher in a beasthunting quest: this town has it all. But beware: you never know who might be lurking in the shadows just waiting to cast a monster spell or throw a binding potion at you!


Your merge spell mastery will be highly requested in this fantasy town! Play the role of the town wizard and help everyone deal with their monster exterminating, dragon summoning, fairy enchanting, witcher paying and beast slaying daily chores!


Use your magic and alchemy knowledge to forge the best fantasy items and artifacts this town has ever seen! From potion to legendary metal, prove to the townsfolk your cauldron is no tavernvariety one, but one not even the most famous merge spell casting elf witch would scoff at!

The life of a merge mage is a busy one in this fantasy town, not only because of all the requests, but mainly due to how fun it is to mix stuff in a magic witch potion cauldron! As the village expert alchemist, merge mage, oracle, elf doctor, potion maker, dragon slaying witcher, tavern supplier and sometimes entertainer, they will always be work to do, but its not really work when everything involved is so magical and fun! There might be some monster dealing involved, but never mind that...

Forge your new merge mage career now!

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